Monday, July 28, 2008

We was Tagged

We've been tagged by the following peeps:




Here are 21 facts about us

1. we both like chinese food

2. we both like our sissy play dates

3. we both like reading mystery book

4. we both like horror movies

5. we both hate to be hot as in heat hot

6. im a smoker jens not

7. i have 2 babies and jen has 5 fur babies

8. i like country music and jen likes hip hop

9. we both like learning scrapes together

10. we both have to have our dew in the am

11. we both kids at heart

12. we both crazy

13. we like anything peanutbutter n chocolate

14. we both like the color purple

15. jens favorite tv shows are charmed and angel and mine are house and bones

16. jen loves her john cena and her wwe

17 i love tony stewart in nascar

18. both like scented candles

19. we can read each others minds

20. i'm shy she's not

21. neither of us drink beer but we love our mixed drinks.


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