Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Have Been Tagged!

1.--I've been tagged by Mandy over at Passionate-Scraps!

2.--7 facts about me.
a--I love the colors purple, black, and hot pink.
b--I am crazy for mac-n-cheese. I could eat it 24/7 any way you fix it. lol
c--I am a horror movie freak and watch every one I can get my hands on.
d--I have a passion for vampires and love reading paranormal romances with vamps in them.
e--I am terrified of dentists!
f--A weird fact about me is no matter whether its summer winter or whatever I have GOT to goto bed with my socks on. They may come off sometime in the nite but I have to have them on when I goto bed. lol
g--The last item is obvious lol I love scrapping, tagging, and running my mouth although here lately I just been so doggone busy. {sigh}

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